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Cross-country Skiing in Switzerland

With over 170 regions for cross-country skiing in Switzerland, fans of the sport are in the best hands here. Enjoy an active winter break in Switzerland. With cross-country ski runs aplenty, discover an alpine landscape you're sure to be enchanted by. 

Here we present some of the best Swiss cross-country ski regions. Conveniently, many are just a short distance from the Gstaad Palace...

Zwei Personen auf ihren Langlaufski fahren hintereinander der Sonne entgegen.

Cross-country Ski Runs Around Gstaad

The Gstaad winter sports region is one of the most popular places for cross-country skiing in Switzerland. Whether a beginner or an advanced skier, you'll find cross-country ski runs near the Gstaad Palace suited to every skill level. 

Staying for an extended period? Or perhaps you're living close by part of the year? Get a cross-country ski pass. Available to use at more than 10 locations in the Gstaad region, this pass offers excellent value for money. 

Cross-country Skiing in Gstaad

Cross-country Skiing in the Bernese Oberland

It's not just Gstaad that's home to beautiful cross-country ski resorts. Worthy of a day trip from the hotel, the Bernese Oberland (Bernese Highlands) has many cross-country ski runs. Most of these can be reached within a 2 hour drive of the Gstaad Palace. 

Cross-country skiing in the Bernese Oberland


Tips for Beginner Cross-Country Skiers

  • There are basically two techniques used for cross-country skiing: Skating and classic. Classic cross-country skiing requires a groomed track, while skaters are freer in their movements and can also run in untracked snow. For beginners it is recommended to learn the classical type first. With a little practice the skating technique will be easier.
  • As a cross-country skiing novice you should also choose shorter and flatter routes. You will gradually improve your skills. Beginners often underestimate the physical demands of cross-country skiing.
  • Standard equipment includes cross-country skiing poles, skis & boots. You don't have to buy these things outright. In most ski resorts you can rent the standard equipment to test if cross-country skiing is for you.
  • As a beginner you simply won't be one of the fastest on the trail yet. Speed comes with time & practice. Out of consideration for the others, stay in the right-hand lane. This way, more experienced cross-country skiers can overtake you without any problems.