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Gstaad, 10 May 2023 – Gstaad Palace is Switzerland’s first luxury hotel to commit to purchasing sustainable aviation fuel for all its business flights. This commitment was implemented in cooperation with SWISS, Switzerland’s largest airline, and represents an important step in the five-star establishment’s sustainability strategy.

Taking responsibility for nature, people and the environment has been part of the Palace DNA since the beginning, and the hotel continually evaluates and optimises the environmental impact of its processes. Through a new cooperation with Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), the five-star establishment will also be reducing the carbon footprint of its business trips in the future. For all flights with SWISS, the prestigious house will purchase sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The fuel is non-fossil in origin and its use creates a CO2 cycle. Currently used by Switzerland’s largest airline, SAF is produced from biogenic waste and reduces carbon emissions by 80% in comparison with fossil fuel.

Sustainability in the DNA
‘The Gstaad Palace is embedded in a beautiful, intact natural setting which we nurture and maintain. It’s what makes Gstaad the internationally renowned holiday destination it is today. We want future generations to enjoy this authentic Alpine experience as well, so the issue of sustainability has always been close to our heart. As a conscientious family company, it is more or less part of our DNA,’ says Andrea Scherz, third in a successful line of hoteliers to have run the Gstaad Palace. ‘We feel strongly that we will see major technological progress that will help counter climate change. And that’s why we value SWISS’s engagement in driving these developments. To be the first luxury hotel to enter into this kind of commitment and contribute
to the development of sustainable air fuel (SAF) – for us it’s a point of honour.’

SAF for all business trips
The Gstaad Palace will now purchase SAF for all its business flights on SWISS. This makes it the first hotel in the premium category to commit to using SAF exclusively. Dieter Vranckx, CEO of SWISS: ‘The Gstaad Palace and SWISS are both premium brands, both dedicated to the highest level of customer service and sustainability. I am delighted that this cooperation brings the aspiration of making future travel more sustainable a step closer to fulfilment. With its commitment, the Gstaad Palace is taking an absolute leading role. It is our hope that other companies will follow their example.’

Investing in reduction
By committing to using SAF, the Gstaad Palace – a member of ‘The Leading Hotels of the World’ (of which Andrea Scherz is currently Chairman) and Swiss Deluxe Hotels – is not just reducing its own carbon footprint, it is also directly contributing to the promotion of sustainable air travel. Presently, SAF is only available in modest quantities. SWISS has pledged to use SAF and scale up its deployment. The airline has joined with the Lufthansa Group to promote this technological development by taking part in research and pilot projects. SWISS and the Lufthansa Group are also targeting private and business customers with SAF offers and entering into strategic partnerships to drive market development. Through voluntary use of SAF, customers are sending an important market signal to drive production and usage of sustainable fuels. At present, SAF reduces carbon emissions by 80% compared to fossil fuels. SWISS offers its customers various SAF products for reducing the carbon emissions from their flights.

Impetus for the industry and for guests
The idea for this initiative in the uppermost hotel segment of the local tourism industry was inspired by the Swisstainable movement for sustainable travel in Switzerland, which was launched by Switzerland Tourism with the support of the entire Swiss tourism sector. The Gstaad Palace comes to the programme as a dedicated five-star operation categorised as Swisstainable Level I - committed. ‘I am pleased to see the commitment of the Gstaad Palace across the whole sustainable travel space. These achievements and cooperations motivate the sector throughout the country and act as positive examples,’ says Martin Nydegger, Managing Director of Switzerland Tourism.

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Gstaad, 20 January 2023 - This performance had it all: for the "50+2 anniversary" of the cult club "GreenGo", probably the most legendary disco in the Swiss hotel landscape, the world-famous DJ Afrojack literally brought the Gstaad Palace to a boil in the second week of January. Other great moments are programmed for this season in this microcosm: from classical music at the "Sommets Musicaux" in February to wild sounds for kids, of course in the "GreenGo".

Afrojack is a fixed star in the international DJ scene. And because he also likes to reside privately at the Gstaad Palace - he didn't miss the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary for the legendary club "GreenGo". Afrojack actually comes from Holland and is called Nick van de Wall. He once started out in the underground scene and gained worldwide fame at the latest with his single "Take Over Control" in 2010. He is an icon of electro-house and electronic music and plays in big clubs all over the world - from the Marquee in New York to the Omnia in Las Vegas and the GreenGo in Saanenland.

The weekend before last, he rocked the Gstaad Palace. And for a hip reason: because after two postponements due to the pandemic, the Palace celebrated its legendary nightclub "GreenGo", which turned 50 years young in 2020. The disco club, which still captivates with its original design by Teo Jakob, is the hottest place in Gstaad for the young and the young at heart. In recent years, the Palace has invested a lot in the acoustics and in the upstyling of its "disco queen" - without making any significant changes to the basic substance. "At the Palace, we have always known how to celebrate as they fall. The fact that we had to wait over two years for the GreenGo anniversary was rather hard on our nerves. All the more reason for me to be delighted about this grandiose performance by Afrojack, who is guaranteed to return to us at the GreenGo - that much is already promised," explains Andrea Scherz, owner of the family-run 5-star hotel in the third generation. "The Gstaad Palace looks back on a highly successful festive period. And the advance bookings up to the end of the season in the first week of March also promise very good prospects. With the fresh snow that has now also arrived, we are definitely well equipped for the second half of the season," says Andrea Scherz.

Calm and turbulent times

The fine tones of classical music are also back in fashion: the "Sommets Musicaux" - once co-founded by the much too early deceased Thierry Scherz - are making their 23rd guest appearance under the artistic direction of the world-famous violinist Renaud Capuçon in Gstaad and the subsequent soirées in the Salle Baccarat at the Palace. The nine-day programme from 27 January to 4 February 2023 brings together big names and rising stars in the churches of the Saanenland.

If you are looking for peace and quiet, dive in: at the Gstaad Palace, which has always known how to stand out thanks to its location above the village. The fact that the Gstaad Palace with its over 1800 square metre Palace Spa is also one of the leading wellness hotels is confirmed by the recently published winter rating of the Handelszeitung. The Palace is now ranked 4th. The completely new indoor pool and the considerably expanded outdoor Jacuzzi, where the winter sky can be marvelled at without much light, are particularly attractive.

Meanwhile, the youngsters let off steam in the "Kid's Club" of the Gstaad Palace with mascot Sammy, another trademark of the hotel. For us, "We are family" is not primarily a song title, but a commitment to multi-generational holidays. Since time immemorial, families have been staying with us in a colourful and casual way. Because if there's one thing the Palace is not, it's old-fashioned or even stiff," remarks Andrea Scherz. And so it goes without saying that the "GreenGo" is exclusively reserved for kids on 22 February 2023. In the style of "I like to move it, move it" from "Madagascar".

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On 20th December 2022, the Gstaad Palace will open its doors for its 110th winter season. The team around General Manager and owner Andrea Scherz has put together a packed programme of events running through to 12th March 2023. Substantial investments have been made in the hotel’s wellness area, while staff accommodation and other behind-the-scenes facilities have also undergone extensive refurbishment. The 'Salle Bridge' has been converted into a sophisticated location for meetings and events, while several guest rooms have also been restyled.

Snow-covered mountains, homely chalets, wintry forests, and towering in the midst of it all, the Gstaad Palace in matching white – it's a sight that has lost none of its charm throughout the past 110 years. Inside, the scent of Christmas biscuits and seasonal music float in the air, as children's eyes light up at the sight of the elaborately decorated Christmas tree and generations gather around the open fireplace. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it is as real as ever. The Gstaad Palace has been opening its doors to guests since 1913 and, once again, is rolling out a wintry wonderland for young and old alike.

Continuous investment

The Gstaad Palace is in family hands. The region’s leading establishment engages in a continuous process of innovation, most recently with a substantial investment in the wellness area. Newly opened for this winter season, the outdoor jacuzzi of the Palace Spa has now doubled in size, measuring 13 x 5 metres. Extensive changes have also been made to the 'Salle Bridge'. Formerly the setting for card games, horse race betting and similar pastimes, the room has now been adapted to host small conferences and celebrations.

At accommodation level, one Deluxe and two Superior rooms have been fully renovated. "The Gstaad Palace isn't idle during the low season," explains Andrea Scherz, General Manager and third generation owner of the Gstaad Palace. "On the contrary, we are continuously redesigning our facilities in accordance with the requirements of our international guests. Following the coronavirus pandemic, which can hopefully be consigned to history, visitors are now returning from all corners of the world. Booking levels are high for this winter and we're looking forward to a joyous and peaceful festive period and a winter season that looks to be as lively as ever," Andrea Scherz enthuses.

High staff welfare

In the Gstaad Palace staff building, the new 'Marmite Lounge' is now open. It is a welcoming and homely place where employees can meet and engage with each other during break time and after work. "It's important to us that our crew is happy and feels appreciated in their role within this establishment," adds Andrea Scherz. For this reason, investments in guest accommodation have gone hand in hand with refurbishing staff bedrooms, which now offer substantially higher comfort levels. New hardware and IT systems have also been put in place, to streamline and facilitate routine tasks.

La Dolce Vita in all its variations

The culinary programme for the winter season is dedicated to delicate flavours and delightful indulgence. To set the tone, Culinary Director Franz W. Faeh and his 55-strong crew will be going all out with a five-course festive menu at Christmas. In line with the motto 'La Dolce Vita', the seasonal celebrations will culminate in the grand New Year's Eve party held in the 'Salle Baccarat' and throughout the hotel. A floor below, hearty classic Swiss dishes in the form of fondue and raclette are served in the intentionally low-key 'La Fromagerie', housed in rooms that once served as a Second World War gold bunker for a Swiss bank. Guest chef Ravi Bajaj will also be present this season. A star chef in England and an esteemed friend of the house, he will be delighting guests with his Indian cuisine.

GreenGo celebrates the big 50 (+2)

Last but not least, 'GreenGo', the original Gstaad nightclub opened in 1971, will finally be celebrating its 50th anniversary – and it will be doing it in style. An entire series of parties are planned, and on 7 January 2023 the club will play host to a big international act, to be announced on Instagram over the coming weeks. All we will say for now is: Don't forget your dancing shoes. And there's more news from the club. Jasmine Wheatcroft, artist and Gstaad resident, is revamping the graffiti wall with a hyper-realistic collage. Street art is giving way to portraits of the stars and starlets that party at the GreenGo.

Modern art amid breathtaking scenery

In collaboration with long-standing partner Hauser & Wirth, the Gstaad Palace is pleased to present an installation in the Palace garden. Two large bronze sculptures by William Kentridge, 'Her' (2021) and 'Cape Silver' (2018) will be set against the imposing mountain backdrop. Further works by the leading contemporary artist from South Africa will also be on show at 'Tarmak22' at Gstaad-Saanen Airport from 17 December 2022.

Next generation gathers at Sammy’s Winter Kids Club

Sammy, once the Palace family's much-loved pet, lives on as the mascot of the children's entertainment programme at the Gstaad Palace. From film nights and story time through to Christmas baking sessions, there's plenty in store for the kids. Further opportunities to be among themselves and enjoy a magical time include the kids-only Christmas, pyjama and New Year parties. Outside, the Palace garden awaits with animal encounter events such as pony riding and a meeting with the St. Bernard dogs, as they visit from their high-altitude home on the eponymous mountain pass. "The Palace is all about family traditions. 'We are family' isn't just an advertising slogan for us, but a way of life. So it's a joy and a pleasure to open our doors to the next generation of Palace guests," says Andrea Scherz.

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What's better than any Midsummer Night's Dream? Checking in at the Gstaad Palace, for a summer full of daydreams by the poolside and invigorating treatments in the Palace Spa. Explore the Gstaad region on 300 kilometres of hiking routes, then dance the night away in the GreenGo. Or perhaps you'd rather relax over a leisurely fondue in the Palace gardens. Whatever your preferences, the Gstaad Palace has the perfect leisure experience for you. The five-star hotel in the Bernese Oberland will soon be opening its doors, so come and see for yourself – it’s not a fairy tale, it’s real!

The Gstaad Palace is busy preparing for the start of the summer season on 24 June 2022. Andrea Scherz, General Manager and owner says about the re-opening: 'Every time a new season is upon us, it feels like the première of a stage play – rehearsed a zillion times but still incredibly exciting. We can't wait to welcome our guests and show them the refurbished areas around the indoor and outdoor pool, as well as the new board room. I’m especially excited about the classic car auction by Bonhams on 3 July 2022, which is returning to the Gstaad Palace for the first time after 14 years. We are currently also in the process of redesigning our online presence. The new website will go live in June and will present our hotel in a refreshingly different, yet characteristically distinctive style. We have made good use of the low season to further develop various aspects of our hotel and we're looking forward to receiving feedback from our guests.' Andrea Scherz, who has taken on an additional responsibility this year as the new chairman of 'The Leading Hotels of the World', is well aware that even a seasoned establishment must never stop improving. The Gstaad Palace has therefore invested in its future with a number of renovation projects.

Stylishly reinvented – the refurbished pool areas and new board room

The comprehensively modernised indoor pool and new outdoor area of the Palace Spa are simply perfect for lounging, unwinding and savouring the moment. Surrounded by graceful Art Deco features, visitors to the Spa find themselves in an oasis of relaxation. The real showstopper, however, is the new bar. Serving freshly prepared smoothies and snacks during the day, it is transformed every night to function as part of the GreenGo night club, thanks to state-of-the-art technology. The Spa design combines wood and brass elements with muted warm colours to create an elegant interior, interspersed with tropical planting for a hint of exotic glamour. The glorious view of Wispile mountain and the Diablerets range as seen from the jacuzzi is an added bonus, especially after enjoying one of the spa treatments with natural plant substances. Extraordinary and extra-easy, experience complete relaxation in typical Palace style. The redesigned gardens also emanate tranquillity and ease. With a completely new planting scheme, the verdant recreational grounds are perfect for unwinding.

By contrast, the green natural stone table of the new hotel board room keeps hard-working minds sharp and focused, even on the hottest of summer days. With a fresh new look, the meeting room offers space for 12 people and cutting-edge video conferencing facilities. Confidential meetings of any kind can be held here in a calm and composed working environment. An adjoining lounge area, equipped with a small kitchen, offers additional space for breaks and informal exchanges.

«PISCINE» and GreenGo – the places to be this summer

Following an extended period of renovation, the new outdoor pool bar has been up and running since the summer season 2021. Now renamed «PISCINE», the Olympic-sized outdoor pool built in 1928 has become the place to be both for hotel guests and day visitors. Elegantly integrated in matching Art Deco style, the pool bar serves light yet hearty Comfort Food. Also gearing up to welcome summer visitors is the legendary Palace nightclub GreenGo. Once again, the club will be open to all throughout the season and is launching a promising new venture: Friday to Sunday evening from 5 pm, resident DJ and GreenGo mastermind Jim Leblanc will be extending his skills to the «PISCINE», providing cool beats to accompany your sundowner – just one of the many ways to enjoy summer 2022 at the Gstaad Palace.

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