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Lessons in Yoga

Our Yoga expert Ulrike Spitzer doesn’t just teach standard Yoga. She has completed a broad range of professional training and is proficient in a wide variety of Yoga styles and relaxation methods. Her sessions are entirely tailored to the guest’s individual needs.

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Flow Yoga

A variety of Yoga that uses flowing sequences. Using mindful breathing techniques, we combine the various Yoga postures. This translates into mindful meditative movements that harmonise body and soul.

Yin Yoga

A deep yet gentle, meditative Yoga practice based on Chinese medicine and Taoism. We hold the poses for longer periods in order to stimulate the deep connective tissues – our fascia, ligaments, joints and tendons. We also revitalise the energetic lines of the body, known as meridians, and open up blockages. The main aim is to encourage a sense of calm, detachment, contentment, patience, gratitude and balance between Yin and Yang.

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Fascia Yoga

The wisdom of Yoga, combined with modern fascia science. In this practice we stimulate the network of connective tissue that runs through our body. The fascia is a stabilising, supportive, connective web consisting of fibrous, water retentive collagen cells. Fascia tissue likes to be rocked, shaken, stretched, pressed and pulled at, it wants to swing, vibrate and roll... That’s how we help it to (re)gain its elasticity.


A disciplined, core-strengthening practice that strives for a conscious, intelligent and balanced interplay of body and soul. The aim is to release energy rather than use it up. Using gentle and harmonious movements, we develop breathing technique, strength, coordination and flexibility.

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Summer Season from 21 June to 8 September 2024 | Winter Season from 13 December 2024 to 9 March 2025

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