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Freshen up – no wet room required

Massage jets, therapy lights and rain showers? They’ve all been seen before. But what you won’t get in any hotel is that tingling feeling of a truly invigorating, natural spray of water on your skin. The three waterfalls – or should we say wild showers – in the Saanenland are 5-star attractions to say the least. What better way to freshen up on your hike than by visiting the Geltenschuss and Tungelschuss falls at Lake Lauenen or the Burgbach falls at Gsteig.

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Easy going: Tungelschuss (1430 metres above sea)

Where: A stone's throw from Lake Lauenen.

How: From Gstaad to Lauenen and on to Lake Lauenen, park at the lake car parking, Tungelschuss is only 400 metres away.

Not to miss: Walk around Lake Lauenen

For climbers: Geltenschuss (1800 metres above sea)

Where: 2 km uphill from Lake Lauenen.

How: From Gstaad to Lauenen and on to Lake Lauenen, park at the lake car parking, then continue on foot south to Geltenschuss.

Cool: Past the Geltenschuss to the Geltenhütte SAC.

18 Mountain

By the way, if you prefer to take it easy, you can also gaze at the Geltenschuss falls from your balcony at the Palace – and stay bone dry while you do.

For explorers: Burg Falls (1350 metres above sea)

Where: Innergsteig, a little north of the Sanetschbahn valley station, 150 metres in altitude along a unique natural spectacle.

How: By car from Gstaad to Gsteig, turn left at Hotel Bären to Innergsteig / Sanetsch power station, park at the power station or Sanetsch cable car valley station.

Our tip: In winter, the Burgfälle are perfect for ice climbing (page 28) – our concierge Stefano Bertalli can vouch for that.

River, lake, stream – water routes in the Saanenland

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