Restaurant & Bars - Nightclub GreenGo

Legendary: GreenGo Nightclub. Since 1971.

Are you looking for the perfect place to party? Experience an exciting party night with our resident DJ “Jim Leblanc” at our GreenGo Nightclub. He plays the most popular and hippest music. The unique design and decoration take you back to the 1970s in a stylish setting. What are you waiting for? Come and feel the rhythm of every single beat.

GreenGo Nightclub

"GreenGo's back" from 18th of February 2022 onwards: on, Instagram and Facebook you may find updates and further information.

Open from 11pm. Dress code: From 7pm gentlemen are asked to wear a jacket in Le Grill, the Bar du Grill and the Veranda section of Le Grand Restaurant. Baseball caps, coats, hoodies, polo shirts, T-shirts, ripped jeans and sport shoes are not permitted in the restaurants and bars in the evening.

For private events please contact our event team at
or on +41 33 748 50 00