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Worth seeing: Gstaad Palace
in the starring role.

Gstaad Palace «Jim & Julie» image movie

Our employees always give their very best. As in the story of Jim & Julie too. Will our Concierge Stefano Bertalli manage to help the two main characters find their happy ending?

The four-minute film, produced by Gstaad Palace and the Bernese director Steve Walker, was awarded two Silver Dolphins at the 6th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Taking second place in the two nominated categories «Best Image Film» and «Best Corporate Film» in 2015.

Gstaad Palace Family Film

In our «Family Film», Andrea Scherz tells you more about the hotel and its history. You watch historical archive material combined with up-to-date shots of the Gstaad Palace and its surroundings. Have fun watching it!

Swiss Deluxe Hotels Movie

The «Swiss Deluxe Hotels Movie» film shows you in just one minute why Swiss luxury hotels – and Gstaad Palace in particular – are definitely worth a visit. Are you curious? Click Play. 

Film about Gstaad

Guests in Gstaad love the chic charm, British calmness and authentic traditions. That is precisely what this film shows. Anyone who wants to know how «Gstaad» is correctly pronounced and what you can experience there, should definitely watch this video. 

The Leading Hotels of the World

Gstaad Palace is one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Take a look at what this exactly means and what distinguishes these hotels. We promise you will be impressed by the great shots.