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Heli Skiing in Switzerland

Looking for extra thrills on your next ski trip to Switzerland? Heli skiing (AKA. Heliskiing) could be just the thing for you. Experienced skiers are flown by helicopter to the tops of snow-covered mountains, where fresh, deep snow awaits. This special kind of off-piste skiing, which has its origins in Canada, is becoming increasingly popular in Switzerland. During your stay at the Gstaad Palace hotel you’ll find various options for your heli skiing experience in the local vicinity. We can also inform you of further heli skiing providers in the wider region, towards the north of the Bernese Highlands.

Heli Ski in Gstaad & Saanen

Helicopter skiing is very popular around Gstaad and in the Saanenland. In the Glacier 3000 ski area, which can be reached by car in around 20 - 30 minutes, you can board a helicopter and fly up to the Glacier des Diablerets. The descent in powder snow then takes you to the Valais.

Air Glacier

Heliskiing School Gstaad

Heli-Skiing is recommended as a discipline for experienced skiers. Since no master has ever just fallen from the sky, there are ski-schools which offer tuition in heli-skiing skills. Find links to heliski lessons below, or contact the Gstaad Palace Hotel reception who will put you in touch with local tutors. There are many excellent ski instructors in Switzerland, and not all of them can be found via the internet – a personal recommendation often helps.

Ski School Gstaad  Private Ski Instructor

Interlaken & The Bernese Highlands

A popular destination for heliskiing enthusiasts is Interlaken in Switzerland’s Bernese Highlands – just over an hour’s drive from the Gstaad Palace. There, the Petersgrat awaits – standing tall at around 3,207m, beaten only, of course, by the Ebnefluh at a massive 3,910m.

Heliskiing in Interlaken