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Originally from Italy, Muay Thai boxer Massimiliano Cacciato has lived in Bangkok for many years and owns three schools in the city. But during our summer and winter seasons, Massimiliano is here in Gstaad. "Fit Box" is his speciality – and 50 minutes with him are definitely enough to work up quite a sweat.

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Essentially, Fit Box is a form of intensive cardio fitness training. The ten-minute warm-up consists of classic aerobic exercises, then the boxing starts. Unlike other boxing instructors, Massimiliano makes free use of his body as a target. He tells the participants to hit the pads on his chest, arms and lumbar region with their hands and feet. The aim is to increase your mobility and firm up the inner and outer musculature.

Fit Box has a lot to do with coordination and balance, it turns out. The exercise intervals are intensive, with no actual rest phases, apart from brief drink breaks. Above all else, Fit Box is therefore an excellent fitness training.
Good to know: The lessons with Massimiliano are also open to guests staying in the chalets and to locals.

Fit Box at the Gstaad Palace

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Summer Season from 24 June to 11 September 2022

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