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Our hotel has been at home in Gstaad since 1913 and is in the meantime connected to the whole world. Through social media too. Follow us and find out regularly what the latest news is from the large Gstaad Palace family. Whether you’re from the region, Switzerland or anywhere in the world – we’re really thrilled when you’re connected to us both online and offline!

    From Mountain to Table: Cow Leasing for Cheese Lovers

    There is no meal better than one enjoyed in fresh, mountain air and made from ingredients grown by local farms.

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    “Luxurious, indulgent… and perfect!“

    What’s your Palace memory? Since 1913, the Gstaad Palace has been home to numerous guests and backdrop of countless stories – it’s time to share some of them! Listen to Robert Foulds, one of our precious guests, letting you into his very own Palace secrets.

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    Fit – blow on blow with Massimiliano

    When you first see him face to face, he does not look like a classic boxer. He is superbly fit, wiry, and extremely agile: Massimiliano Cacciato. The 40 year old athlete is originally from Sicily, but now lives mostly in Thailand and owns three Thai boxing schools.

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    En famille: classical music peaks

    She’s not just the co-founder of the “Sommets Musicaux” classical music festival in Gstaad (this year from 26 January to 3 February). She’s also the faithful soul still involved in the 18th year of the event now: Ombretta Ravessoud. In this interview she reveals more about this event’s DNA, which has extremely close ties with the Palace.

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