24th of December 2017

Year after year: children’s dreams come true

Once upon a time there was a wise man, a man with vision. He lived in Gstaad, high up on a hill above the village. And he owned a wonderful house up there, in fact a fairytale castle. Palace, that’s still its name today. The hotel manager always thought of everything and everyone. With his wife Silvia he was anxious that the village community in the Bernese Oberland, far away from the capital of Bern, should thrive. And so he got involved in politics in the canton, on the council and on a small scale, at home. Ernst Scherz, that was the name of the visionary who did such good work from 1938 to 1968.

Primary school children from the village and Santa Claus

More than 60 years ago he started a wonderful tradition that still lives on today. Before Christmas, when the fairytale castle on the Oberbort comes back to life, he issued an invitation to meet Santa Claus. Not just to anyone though, but the youngest primary school children from the village. And with good reason. The children from Gstaad should see the Palace through different eyes and allay their fears of entering this place. They should simply experience this imposing hotel, where the great stars of the world stay, as it is: open, hospitable and there for everyone. 

And so this custom of Santa Claus greeting the schoolchildren from the Rütti School in Gstaad at the start of the season continues in the third generation. There’s laughing, poems are recited and songs are sung, there’s amazement in the Palace’s La Fromagerie restaurant when the happy children pay respect to the wise man with white beard and red cloak. And when Santa Claus then hands out his gifts, nuts and pears, mandarins and gingerbread and all kinds of treats from the Palace kitchen, it’s not just the children’s eyes that light up. 13 hearts in total skipped a beat again this year, accompanied by two teachers. As fairy tales always have a happy end at the Palace.

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