6 September 2019

Newcomer meets old-timer: interview with the youngest and oldest member of the Palace family.

Aufnahme von zwei Mitarbeitern im Gstaad Palace, Manuel Miramontes zusammen mit Riccardo Carminati, die auf einer Treppe vorm Hotel stehen und in die Kamera lachen.

Manuel Miramontes (or Manolo, as everyone calls him) was talking to Riccardo Carminati. 

Manolo: How long have you been working at Gstaad Palace? Two years. As Demi Chef de Cuisine, I'm practically the newcomer to the team. 
Riccardo: And when did you join? Compared to you, I'm an old-timer: 49 years. During this time I’ve worked as a washer-up, gardener, dresser, driver and chauffeur. I’m now in the Loges team. 

Manolo: What motivated you to start at Gstaad Palace? Luca Gatti, Sous-Chef at Gstaad Palace, spoke with great enthusiasm about the different restaurants and the great culinary variety. That made me so curious that I applied. And it worked! 
Riccardo: Do you remember your first day at work? Very well, in fact. I started in the kitchen and was responsible for washing up the pans. 

Riccardo: What was your most beautiful encounter or your best memory in all these years? The many years of great work together with Shiwa and Ernst Scherz, the parents of today's director Andrea Scherz. 
Manolo: And what has been the most impressive moment for you since you arrived at Gstaad Palace? The Le Rosey weekend. I prepare the dishes for the GreenGo nightclub. As the kitchen is right next door, I enjoyed the special atmosphere that emanates from the club that weekend. And the preparation ran almost automatically with the music by the famous DJ Bob Sinclar.

Manolo: What do you love most about your job? As an Italian I love all types of pasta and like preparing these most too.
Riccardo: If you could start all over again, what would you do the same, what would you do differently? I am happy with my professional career and personal life and would do the same again.

Riccardo: What has been the craziest wish from a customer in all these years? Oh, I could write a whole book about that. But discretion is very important at Gstaad Palace. And so those stories remain my secret. 
Manolo: What are your career dreams and plans? I would like to gain more years of professional experience here. And in the off-season, when the Gstaad Palace is closed, perhaps there might even be the possibility of working at an associated Leading Hotel

Riccardo: Which dream would you still like to fulfil? Even though I’m working at the Gstaad Palace full of energy and great pleasure, I’m looking forward to my retirement soon. I hope that I will stay healthy and be able to hunt with my 14 dogs in Spain for many years to come.
Manolo: And what's your big dream? I could imagine running my own restaurant in Italy in the distant future. I will offer what I love eating most there: many different pasta dishes.

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