30th of January 2019

Kalispera! Greek top chef Yannis Baxevanis makes a guest appearance at «Gildo‘s»

From 27 February to 9 March 2019, the Cretan lifestyle will find its way into the Palace

«Kalispera» instead of «Buonasera»: For ten days., Greek will be spoken at «Gildo’s Ristorante». Because star chef Yannis Baxevanis – who is also seen as the Jamie Oliver of Greece – will celebrate the Cretan lifestyle par excellence in the Palace kitchen during the Greek weeks. The Palace is also breaking new ground with the White Party to close the festival on 9 March – with a fiery finale at «GreenGo».

Gstaad meets Crete – one common goal for a long time

The picturesque, that’s what they have in common: Crete and Gstaad. Even though they are 2500 kilometres apart, the white villages and the blue sea are just as much a symbol of holidays as the chalets and steel blue sky in Saanenland. It should also be pointed out that the Scherz family have had close links with Greece for decades. There is also a great deal that links Gstaad with Hellas in this respect. Well-known ship owners and Greek industrialists previously met at the best place in town. The chefs from the Palace flew to Hellas for private parties many times.

Greek champion on board

Therefore also the latest coup at «Gildo’s Ristorante»: Cretan lifestyle meets Alpine flair, Greece meets Gstaad. And so that this is done in proper style, the Palace employed the best of the best: The Greek star chef Yannis Baxevanis and his team from the 5 star resort Elounda Beach & Villas on Crete. Yannis has a Michelin star, and is regularly acclaimed as the «Best Greek Chef of the Year». His technical skills and flair for modern interpretations of Greek specialities are renowned worldwide.

Cooking like a Cretan grandma

The star from Hellas is 56 years young, and originally got his popular recipes from countrywomen in the mountains of Crete. For example, he uses long forgotten natural herbs. And what earlier generations did is good enough for Yannis too. He is often out in the field, and picks the gifts of nature himself. Only half an hour later, they end up on the plate. Even his Fleur de Sel does not just come from anywhere, rather he produces it himself. No wonder, the Hellenic Sea conceals the best secrets. His flour made from the seed of the carob tree is legendary: finely milled it seasons his dishes. The original natural resource is also suitable as a binding agent, which is currently experiencing a veritable renaissance in vegan cuisine.

At home in the world, celebrated in Greece

The cosmopolitan who is one of the top 3 chefs in Dubai amongst is always on the. However, he most enjoys staying on Crete or in his restaurant “Ark” in Athens. The father of four is also known as the Jamie Oliver of Greece. He has been organising cooking classes for young people for more than 20 years, so that on the one hand, they learn the art of cooking, and on the other hand, understand what good nutrition and fine dining involves.

White Party at GreenGo

White on white: the first White Party in the Gstaad winter

The Palace is also pulling out all the stops for the finale of the Greek weeks. There will be the first White Party in the Gstaad winter – of course, when it is already white outside. The White Party is usually a summer phenomenon, from Ibiza or Rio – with beach and sun. But what is actually behind this format, which started as «Dîner en blanc» in Paris by a certain François Pasquier in 1988? Above all three things: Eat, drink and socialize. This motto is undoubtedly part of the lifestyle at the Palace. And so everyone will appear in white on 9 March – that is the only request for the grand finale at the guest appearance of Yannis Baxevanis in the legendary club GreenGo. Well-known DJs will really get the party goers fired up. Summer and more White Parties are coming …


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Greek week at Gildo’s

27 February to 9 March 2019

White Party at GreenGo

Saturday, 9 March 2019, from 23:00
Dress code White Party: White and festive
Reservations: +41 33 748 58 60 or via maitre@palace.ch


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