Gstaad takes off – airfield for star tourism


The airfield was reopened in Gstaad at the end of July 2018 and accommodates 30 aeroplanes or helicopters. Gstaad Palace and the Scherz family have been supporting the airfield for three generations: Grandfather Scherz fought for it to be used for civil aviation too, Ernst Scherz provided manpower and financial support to help with the first renovation of the airstrip and Andrea Scherz, today’s General Manager and owner, has put his heart and soul into the new building as the Vice President. Service is given top priority by Andrea Scherz, General Manager and owner, not just in his own four walls. He explains how the military airfield was turned into a millionaire’s airfield.


Why are you promoting the airfield in Gstaad?

Many of our top guests arrive by private jet or helicopter. All the major European cities can be reached quickly and conveniently by air from here. We want to offer our guests the best possible comfort, with their journey too.

What has changed at the airfield?

The airfield had been built for the military during the Second World War. It was no longer used for military purposes after 1980 and gradually fell into disrepair. The modernisation focused on two key issues: safety and comfort. The runway’s surface had to be completely replaced and we purchased a modern fire engine. The terminal was rebuilt. Where sparse usefulness was called for with the military, we are aspiring to a modern atmosphere. A stylish lounge and conference are available to our guests. 

The start went well. What are your hopes for the future?

As Vice President, I hope that the airfield covers its costs and the hangars are rented out. As the Palace General Manager and owner I hope the airfield sees a high level of use by tourists. By that, I don’t just mean the take-off and landing but also other occasions on the site that have already become a tradition: the polo tournament, the «Mad Muni» Festival or the winter driving training for car drivers. Privately, I hope that all the projects take off like this one here (laughing).


More information regarding the Gstaad-Saanen airfield

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