17th of February 2018

Fit – blow on blow with Massimiliano

When you first see him face to face, he does not look like a classic boxer. He is superbly fit, wiry, and extremely agile: Massimiliano Cacciato. The 40 year old athlete is originally from Sicily, but now lives mostly in Thailand and owns three Thai boxing schools. And during the season he is a safe pair of hands in the spa at Gstaad Palace. Because this trained Muay Thai boxer provides intensive fit box lessons and coaching at the Gstaad Palace. N.B.: this also for interested people who are not guests at the hotel. Inspection in the training.

Private Fit Box lesson


How long does one of your classic Fit Box lessons last?

We normally work for 50 minutes straight. It is intensive cardio fitness training. The group starts with classic aerobic exercises to warm up. Then we go step by step into the punching and kicking techniques. These are from kick and Thai boxing. There are few breaks, except to drink enough water, of course. And anyone who wants to interrupt it can also do a few push-ups from time to time… (laughs)

 And why does your boxing actually make people fit?

Because unlike other box training, I don’t work with a classic punch-bag in the room, but with my body instead. This means: the people training use their mobility, their arms, legs and whole trunk. And I can react straight away, adjust the intensity, and continuously influence the correct performance of the exercises. Because it is essential that these are carried out very exactly. Fit Box is not just primarily about strength, but also about coordination. So you’re training the whole musculoskeletal system, as well as the brain and balance.

Do you already need to have some experience before getting into a “fight” with you?

No, not at all. I introduce all my guests to Fit Box gently – depending on their previous knowledge and fitness level. Above all, you need good basic fitness, enjoyment of experimentation and a feel for rhythm. We can carry out each exercise until it is right for my counterpart. And, very important: Although Fit Box comes from combat sport, it is entirely peaceful. If it’s about fighting, then it’s about struggling against your own inner barriers. You need to learn to let go and to really immerse yourself in the ritualised sequences of movement.

Who normally comes to your training sessions?

Everyone. Women, men, youngsters – often also in groups. Our lessons are also available to guests from the chalets and of course also to all local people. We hold them twice a week. Frequently, my guests also want personal coaching. This is possible every day – and of course everything is tailored to the individual.

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Fit Box at Gstaad Palace

 Group lessons every Monday and Thursday at 19:00. 

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When Massimiliano is not teaching Fit Box, he works as a masseur at the Palace Spa. He is a trained therapist for classic sport and Thai massage.


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