31. Juli 2020

Concierge of the year: When in doubt, Stefano Bertalli will help you out

A good concierge knows almost everything – and if not, he knows who to contact. In a 5-star superior hotel like the Gstaad Palace, the concierge is the go-to person for all requests and enquiries, no matter how unusual they may be. In its latest edition, Swiss business journal BILANZ has now named Stefano Bertalli concierge of the year 2020. At the same time, the world-renowned Gstaad Palace was awarded second place in the rating for best Swiss holiday hotel.

If in doubt, Stefano Bertalli will help you out – that’s the motto at the Gstaad Palace, not just for the guests, but also for all partners, suppliers, staff and friends of the hotel. The seasoned concierge from Piedmont, northern Italy, has stood behind his desk at the Palace for 18 years. With the patience of a saint he passes keys, mail, floral bouquets and lots more on to his guests. And most importantly, Stefano, who is fluent in German, Italian, English and French, is a veritable walking and talking encyclopedia. How do I hire an A-list ski instructor? Who takes the bookings for the romantic horse-drawn carriage to the Lauenental valley? Can I get a space in the ‘GreenGo’ nightclub? Stefano Bertalli puts his heart and soul into the job. For this, he has been named 2020 concierge of the year in the latest edition of leading Swiss business journal BILANZ. “We are very proud of Stefano and this award,” says a delighted Andrea Scherz, owner of the Gstaad Palace, one of just a few Swiss family-owned hotels managed by the third generation. “Stefano is a core member of our Palace family. He holds everything together, and thanks to his calm, cheerful nature he has become a favoured confidant.” Stefano Bertalli also likes taking on other kinds of leading roles. He is game for anything and was one of the central characters in the 2015 image film ”Jim & Julie”. The film even won silver twice at the Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes, in the categories “Best Image Film” and “Best Corporate Film”.

Top marks and silver medal

The Gstaad Palace was also awarded overall top marks in the BILANZ rating for Switzerland’s most beautiful holiday hotel. It proudly stands in second place, behind the Castello del Sole in Ascona – last year the order was reversed. “We are delighted on behalf of our good friends in the Ticino and congratulate the Castello del Sole team on their top score. Our two hotels maintain a close relationship and we regularly lend each other seasonal workers,” explains Andrea Scherz. The summer season at the Gstaad Palace runs until 6 September 2020. The hotel will then re-open again for winter on 21 December 2020 until 8 March 2021 – with Stefano Bertalli in key position of course.