Gstaad Palace
Gstaad PalaceGstaad PalaceGstaad Palace


Andrea Scherz - General Manager and owner (info(at)
Romuald Bour - Vice Director (rbour(at)
Jonathan Walker - Food & Beverage Manager (fb(at)
Peter Wyss - Executive Head Chef (fb(at)
Melanie Ehlert - Director of Sales & Marketing (sales(at)
Sabrina Di Iorio - Human Resources Manager (hr(at)
Laura Tedino - Spa Manager (spa(at)  
Yves Hohl - Front Office Manager (info(at)
Angel Benito - Concierge (info(at)
Gildo Bocchini - Restaurant Manager (fb(at)
Michaela Gäng - Head of Housekeeping (hk(at)  

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