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Our skin requires a daily dose of trace elements, such as iron, magnesium, zinc or chrome, and it has been scientifically proven that these pure and powerful activators provide multiple benefits. Drawing on the skin-enhancing characteristics of natural minerals, Gemology beauty care offers carefully chosen, high-quality activators.




Jardin des Monts

酒店和高山花園(Jardin des Monts)聯合制作的一個獨特療法,可將您帶到大山和自然的懷抱。該療法使用 100% 天然有機植物精油,通過放松按摩或活力按摩,讓您感受到馬郁蘭舒緩、溫暖和排毒的特性。


Ivo Pitanguy

來源於Ivo Pitanguy的整形手術原理和重建、皮膚修護的工藝,讓源自Ivo Pitanguy診所的美容產品結合了科技,倫理和奢華。


Pilates Studio

During the ski season it is essential to take some time to cross-train in order to avoid injury and ensure a more enjoyable skiing experience. Regular Pilates sessions play an important role in minimising the wear and tear that skiing inflicts on the body. The benefits that you obtain by practising Pilates can also be translated to the ski slopes, improving your performance. Pilates serves to combat the stress of skiing.

The Gstaad Pilates Studio is managed by Natasha Lutz, who offers private lessons and instruction in small groups. Special Stott Pilates equipment is used, and the Galileo vibration technology is incorporated.

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