Gstaad Palace
Gstaad PalaceGstaad PalaceGstaad PalaceGstaad Palace

Vacancies at the Gstaad Palace

Welcome to the Gstaad Palace Team!

The Gstaad Palace has a team of 300 employees in winter and a staff of around 200 during the summer season. Our team is very international with employees from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Austria, France, Senegal, Serbia, Rumania, Slowakia and Switzerland - a cultural mixture creating a splendid atmosphere and an excellent working environment.

The familial Gstaad Palace atmosphere is not only noticed by our guests - our employees are one big family. We attach great importance to the support of our employees, because only happy associates make a happy stay come true.

Respectively, we do expect excellent manners, a profound education in the hotel business, as well as perfect language skills. - Work in Gstaad & Gstaad works for you! 

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