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What's your story? Gstaad Palace produces an unconventional image movie

Gstaad, 13th May, 2015 – After a good year of intense teamwork with the Bernese director Steve Walker, the Gstaad Palace is posting the new image movie on its website as well as on all...[more]

Erfolgreicher Auftakt der neuen Gstaad Palace-Challenge Rally

Gstaad, 14. September 2015 – Mit 16 teilnehmenden Fahrzeugen aus den Jahren 1956 bis 1990 konnten die Organisatoren der ersten Gstaad Palace-Challenge Rally am vergangenen Wochenende eine äusserst...[more]

Romuald Bour zum Direktor des Gstaad Palace ernannt

Gstaad, im Januar 2015 – Als Anerkennung für seine langjährige, verdienstvolle Tätigkeit als Vizedirektor wurde Romuald Bour per sofort zum Direktor des Gstaad Palace ernannt. Andrea Scherz, Besitzer...[more]

Gstaad Palace launches medical luxury cosmetics

Just in time for the summer season, opening on 23 June, Gstaad Palace is launching medical luxury cosmetics of the first beauty clinic worldwide: the Brazilian family business Beauty by Clinica Ivo...[more]

Gstaad Palace launches summer “Boot Camp”

For 100 years, Gstaad Palace has been exemplary for authenticity, luxury and hotel experience at the highest level and demonstrates this further by the launch of a new and exclusive summer boot-camp....[more]

Gstaad Palace kicks off ceremonial activities for its 100th anniversary

For 100 years, the Gstaad Palace has been exemplary for tradition, luxury and hotel experience at the highest level. The most legendary hotel of the Bernese Oberland is looking back on a successful...[more]

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